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Orbitz informed me a few weeks ago of a flight change, but I didn't read it very closely. Alas.

Apparently they moved my flight from Manila to Seoul later, so now I get an extra day in Manila, which is awesome. But then I get only about 12 hours (flight to flight, so more like 8 hours) in Seoul. Hrmph. What to do with a handful of hours...?

A very short summary of the past few days includes a walking tour of old Manila, with a very interesting history lesson by a very colorful and passionate teacher/tour guide. Then we went to Corregidor -- a WW2 fortress that was responsible for the Philippines being such a hard nut to crack -- and spent the night there. Fantastic. More later.

Tomorrow we fly to Bohol, an island in the Philippines, and will have some fun with resort/beach style adventuring. Then we return, have a day of hacking, and then go to tour the small volcano to the south. Then Sunday we'll probably do some local Manila touring/shopping/stuff.

Ok, more later.
Date: 2013-02-06 10:21 am (UTC)

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Sad about your Seoul but am glad to have you here for a couple extra days!


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