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It is Mother's Day. This day has always been, to me, about my mom ([personal profile] nd_mom) and about mothers that I know like [personal profile] kareila, [personal profile] phoenixsong, [personal profile] dmsj, [personal profile] carrie, [personal profile] arie, Sara, etc etc. Having a child and carrying on the species has always seemed like a rather lofty occupation, one that I hoped to one day be a part of.

Well ...

I don't have to hope any more, because it's become real. Ari ([personal profile] aposiopetic) and I would like to announce that we are expecting. I cannot tell you how excited I am -- it doesn't really feel quantifiable. (Neither do all the rest of the emotions -- there are a lot!)

Since most of you will ask: the "due date" is just before Thanksgiving. She is currently 11.5 weeks along, so we don't know the gender yet. (But we will probably choose to find out.) Yes, we've started making lists of names. And strollers. And cribs. And many other things. (We like planning.) There are many books, we've been reading.

We've had one OB appointment so far, and everything looks great. We've even got a little ultrasound picture, if you want to click here! (At 8 weeks, I have to say, it didn't look a lot like anything. The doctor assured me it's a baby and not a raspberry or something.)

There isn't much else to say at this point. I'm super excited -- and oh crap, there's a lot of planning and stuff to do.

So ...

Happy Mother's Day, Ari. I have never been able to say that to someone like this -- and I'm so glad I can say that to you.


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