Jun. 17th, 2012

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Short entry for now. I'm back from Wisconsin, which is a mixed bag. Mostly I'm happy to be home with my family again (first time I was really away from Oliver...it was sad!), but I am kind of sad that the conference is over. It was a very pleasant and surprisingly good conference.

I'll write more about it on [staff profile] mark later, but personally, I enjoyed it a lot. The keynote was a message that is near and dear to our hearts here on Dreamwidth (in short, promoting diversity) and there was a lot of talk about it later. The words "be nice!" were being bantered around a lot and I didn't see lots of over-the-top fail of various sorts I typically expect at tech conferences.

It really heartens me that the Perl community is starting to really talk about this stuff and make some progress on addressing it. Yeah, there's a million miles to go, and some of it is going to be hard and full of failure, but I have hope that we will make it happen.

Madison was a very pretty city -- it made me miss the midwest a lot. I really would like to get out of California, and yeah, I could totally go to the midwest. (Probably won't, but I totally could.) I didn't get to do a lot of stuff in the city on account of my lack of transportation and my body's very unhappy response to the whole thing (stupid body), but it was good nonetheless.

For now: bedtime. I must sleep.


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