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Thank you for your application for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for Australia.

We can confirm that your application has been successful and that you now have a valid ETA.

[snip a bunch]

We hope you have a wonderful stay in Australia!

Janine: "Thanks, Australia!"

It looks like I don't have to do anything for New Zealand, as the US is on their list of countries with visa-free travel (for 3 months or less).

Also: Happy Halloween! Tonight will be fun. :)
Date: 2009-10-31 11:42 pm (UTC)

I have GOT to get an Australia icon

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In any case, I do hope you have a wonderful time also, just, if you are coming in the next few months you will need to invest in/take heed of the following:

- a large sunhat
- SPF gazillion+ sunscreen
- a resolution NOT to try and imitate the accent (it's cute the first 43,000 times, but after that, well...)
- if you drink, heeding the following warning: our beer has a higher alcoholic content, and you will find yourself on your arse in very short order
- not worrying if you hear someone calling you "...*mutter mutter* bloody septic *mutter mutter*..." (that's quite old-fashioned but it might happen, and it's fine, we're just all living in terror everyone else will figure out this is a fabulous country and try to emigrate. Ah, Australia. Come for the open source, stay for the bizarre xenophobia of one of the most multi-cultural nations on this planet)
- we insult the people we love. The ones we don't we ignore. Someone calling you a bastard is a sign of affection. Really. My brother-in-law used to call his much-beloved mum "the old bastard". (This may be a slightly extreme case in retrospect, but there it is).
- say it after me: Are-STRAYlya. Try not to move your mouth or lips. NOT "OSS-tray-liarrrrr", lingering lovingly on all the syllables.
- irony: we has it.
- if it's your shout, it's your shout.
- we loves the intarwebs because we know we're a fuck of a long way from anywhere and we worry about it and we're early-adopters from way back and it's all very mixed up and weird. But we LOVES the intarwebs and computers and what-have-you.
- there are things here that WILL try to kill you in a very cheerful, straightforward non-personal way. Spiders, bugs, jellyfish, Sydney drivers etc etc. ALWAYS check your shoes before you put them on.
- we love our food. our food is excellent. (well, in Melbourne it is. In Sydney, it's expensive too.) Try and get some exercise if you don't want to come back waaaay heavier than you left.
- to play with an Australian's brain, ask them to articulate EXACTLY what "died in the arse" means. we can only use that one in context.

Have a lovely, lovely time. No wuckers.
Date: 2009-11-01 06:14 am (UTC)

Re: I have GOT to get an Australia icon

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From: [personal profile] wyntarvox
Oh my gosh, this is great.

And all of it 100% true...
Date: 2009-11-01 09:44 am (UTC)

Re: I have GOT to get an Australia icon

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From: [personal profile] catchmyfancy
Hee - glad you agree. I have NO idea where that list came from either. It just sort of bubbled up.

Hopefully Mark can find something useful in there.

May have to use this for a post...i can't write anything so articulate when I'm actually *trying*.


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