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Delta Air Lines Baggage Services, upon being called just now, says there's nothing they can do about sending our bags to our house. We have to physically go and file a "Delayed Baggage File" or something like that. But they were happy to tell us our bags are in San Francisco.

The big kicker, though, is that our Oakland flight is now delayed by two hours. It was originally scheduled for 8:34 AM, then at 8:00 AM they announced it was delayed to 10:00 AM. We went up to the desk to get more details and found out that it hadn't even taken off yet (from Omaha).

Let me get this straight ... the flight hadn't even taken off yet and they didn't tell anybody until it was time to board the non-existent airplane. I know that weather happens, so the fact that the plane isn't here isn't their fault, but the fact that they knew over an hour ago that it was delayed and didn't tell anybody? 100% totally, completely their fault.

It looks like the flight is delayed to 10:30 AM now, though. But our bags are still in San Francisco. Nicole is going to drive to Oakland to pick us up (oh my god THANK YOU) and then Janine has volunteered to drive up to SFO to pick up our bags instead of relying on Delta to get something (anything) right and deliver them to us in a timely fashion.

I attempted to get us on one of the half dozen other flights. San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento all had earlier flights ... all full. Packed. They offered to put us on a later SFO flight... we said no.

Oh yes, and the Ramada Inn's breakfast was terrible. Fake eggs (we think, they were pretty bad) and the bacon was bland as well.

My mom says this is turning into a regular ol' Griswald Family Vacation.
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