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Okay, time to finish up the story.

We managed to board the airplane at 10:40 local time, a little over two hours late. We got aboard uneventfully, took our seats, and waited. By this point the snow was coming down pretty nice so we had to get deiced. Of course.

Meanwhile, the captain told us that the heater for the airplane was broken, so we had to sit there and enjoy the cold. It was pretty cold (20 degrees out) so the airplane was chilly. Everyone just kept their jackets on. The deicing process took close to 45 minutes to get sorted out before we could get into position to take off.

The captain told us "we're now second in line for takeoff" and we were happy! Yay! We might go somewhere! Then a minute later he came back and said "actually...they just told me they had to close a lane for snow removal, so we've been shuffled back to fourth." Well, we managed to take off fifteen minutes later at 11:40 -- three hours late, an hour of which we sat on the ground in an airplane with no heater.

The flight itself wasn't bad. I slept through substantially all of it but Janine said it was bumpy enough to keep waking her up. When we made it to the Bay Area airspace, we were approaching Oakland, and I saw this drop of water go through my vision. Blink, blink. Upon closer inspection we realized that the ceiling above us and the emergency door (we were in the exit row) were leaking water. It wasn't a lot, but it was just insult to injury. (It was dripping on Janine.)

We managed to offboard, found Nicole, got some lunch, drove to SFO, got our bags (that was remarkably quick and easy, except for the having to drive across the Bay to another airport), and then got home.

We're home. We've got our stuff. Delta Air Lines is abysmal, and I hope I never have the misfortune of flying them again.
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