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Dear Congress,

I am disappointed that you passed this insanely huge, complicated, expensive, and generally pointless bill. I'm not looking forward to how much money you're going to charge us for the "privilege" of paying for other people's healthcare. I'm not excited about what you're offering. I think that people should be responsible for themselves, generally speaking, and any universal system of care (health, welfare, medicare, social security, etc) is not something I support.

I'm especially not excited about all of the earmarks and random things you stuck into the bill to make it palatable to enough Representatives to make it pass. Student loan reform? In the healthcare bill? Really? This just strikes me as yet another example of the decrepit American legal system that could use a rebuild. I don't make software that lasts 200 years, I don't expect a major system of people to reasonably work after that long either.

Also, dear Republicans: none of you voted for it? Really? That smacks of partisan politics and I don't like that game. At least the Democrats seemed to have the spine to vote against the party line if they didn't approve. I expect you to vote how your distract wants you to vote, not how Uncle GOP dictates. Come on now!

Sigh. I suppose we'll have to wait and see how bad this ends up. On the plus side, the majority of it won't start kicking in until 2014. Maybe by then we'll be able to repeal it -- or at least get it into some sort of position where it's not so obscene.

No love,
Mark Smith
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