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Yay, my LCA2013 tickets are booked, wherein I will be giving a tutorial on server and process debugging. That should be fun and interesting.

Also fun, though, is the actual trip I booked!

First San Francisco to Sydney wherein I will take a bus or train up to Canberra. I decided to do this because the travel from Sydney out looks gorgeous, particularly the trains -- if I can make that work, that's my goal.

After the conference, I fly to Manila to hang out with the amazing [personal profile] afuna! I will be there for the better part of a week. There will certainly be some hacking, but also visiting an Asian country for my first time ever!

Next, since it didn't add anything to the cost of the trip (I extended a layover!), I will be going to Seoul for a weekend and seeing what it's like in South Korea. (Also, Americans don't need a visa to visit!)

That's my plan. Now to book hotels and other things... ohboy!

Date: 2012-12-11 11:44 pm (UTC)

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I'm commenting just because you said you don't get comments :P


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