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So -- I'm about to fly out for LCA + visiting [personal profile] afuna + 36 hours in South Korea.

The LCA portion of the trip is scheduled and planned. I know exactly what I'm doing and when, just about, and it's all worked out. No worries or problems there, also, not much time to sightsee.

The Philippines portion of the trip is fairly scheduled, but has a few open days at the end that we're holding until we see how things are going and then decide what to do. That's fine, I know [personal profile] afuna will take care of me and not let me die!

However, the Seoul portion of the trip so far is unscheduled entirely. I don't have a hotel room, I have barely looked at the map, etc.

I'm considering -- and this is where you come in! -- leaving it that way. Showing up at the airport with my luggage and passport and just winging it. Finding maps at the airport, picking a direction, and setting off on transit. Going around in a loop until I see an interesting hotel and area, then hopping off and trying to check in. Asking around for interesting places to go and see. Entirely unscheduled and serendipitous.

I understand that means I may not see the XYZ the most famous LMNOP in all of QTH, but hey, it actually sounds kind of fun to just be lost. (I guess except that I might end up being mugged somewhere. I don't actually know how safe Seoul is, or if there are bad areas, or if I'd even recognize a bad area... presumably I would? I have no idea.)

Anyway -- am I totally crazy for considering this? :)

Date: 2013-01-25 09:10 pm (UTC)

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Things I'd consider:
- Customs questions (are they going to ask you where you're staying? If you don't have a hotel, you might have a problem.) I am certain there's a travel wiki out there that can tell you if this might be an issue.

- I generally want to have some way to know I can get to a safe-for-tourists area fast when I've done that kind of exploratory travel. Usually that's been some combo of just enough cash handy for a cab ride (other stuff may be elsewhere on my person), an idea where I'd want that cab ride to (maybe a couple of different places) and a way to share it. (name of area written down on paper, for example, so I don't have to trust my pronunciation of the local language.)

(Language can complicate this: Mom and I did 'wander around a lot' in Budapest, where neither of us had the least grasp of the language. I made a point of writing down the subway stops we used, and other useful names just in case we got totally lost. She thought I was silly until it helped us get off at the right subway stop on the way back.)

- General tourism, though? Go for it. Maybe with a quick look at "Stuff you should not do because it'll get you in legal trouble/etc." resources.


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