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A little video of Oliver. I held the phone badly and accidentally the mic halfway through, but you get the idea.

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We are in the middle of our first "cluster feeding"! That's actually kind of exciting, probably because it's not happening at 3AM and so we're not entirely run down at this moment. We're pretty tired, but we're not destroyed and barely hobbling from point to point.

A cluster feeding, for the uninitiated, is when the baby finishes one round of feeding ... and goes into the next one very shortly thereafter. Apparently a baby's stomach is so small that a good burp and poop and they're ready to go again. It's kind of disturbing when you can spend an hour putting food into the little thing and then change his diaper and he's ready to spend another hour "on the boob".

All told, though, the feeding situation seems to be on the upward trend. We had a 24 hour period or so where he was clearly wanting more milk than Ari was able to provide (it takes time for the breasts to get their assembly lines up!) so he was a little distraught last night and Ari did some quite awesome baby-calming.

Today, though, it seems that she's very ably keeping up with all he's drinking -- and he's very interested. Om nom. We keep joking that he's an expert at Boob Savaging because he does this funny thing where, when he's about to latch, he goes all wide-eyed and shakes his head and dives in like a starving man on his first meal in paradise. It really is adorable to watch.

That is, right now, my life in a nutshell. Helping Mom and Baby. Fetching food, water, ice. Changing diapers. Being supportive. And generally being out of the way of all of the million visits from the nursing staff -- damn, there's a lot! I was joking with my mom yesterday that
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Today (11/23) we say hello to Oliver Graham Smith. He was welcomed into the land of the born at 11:31 AM. Weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds, 1 ounce and 21 inches long, he was declared a "big boy".

Everything went really well. The c-section was flawless, he came out very pink and healthy and so far everything's been great. Feeding has been working, he's created both types of excrement, and his blood sugar has been good. He's been a little cool (97.9 at most readings) but they think that he's fine and we've been keeping him bundled.

So far he sleeps a bunch, but he wakes up every 2-3 hours and we feed him. Yay!

Mother is doing well. She's got sensation back and can stand and walk (albeit very painfully). Nothing seems to have gone wrong in the surgery, so we're very thankful about all of that.

Now we're in the hospital for the next few days (discharge on Saturday) and we have a beautiful little boy. I'm still working through all of the emotions -- and honestly, probably will be for a while, so I won't give you anything else right now.

Pictures will be forthcoming. They're available on Facebook and Google+, but since Dreamwidth doesn't let me upload photos (yet), I don't have the energy to put them on my web site and then resize them and all of that right now...
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For distractions, Ari and I went to Carter's, a store that sells baby stuff. We picked out a number of smashing little outfits for the Thunderbolt, plus a few for Henry (Halloween themed). They're all pretty awesome.

The baby seems to be doing well. Ari has had to deal with gestational diabetes with has necessitated some changes to the way we do food.  That's been a little difficult but not terribly so, we've been managing.  Outside of that, everything is looking good.  We've entered the appointments-every-two-weeks stage of pregnancy, heh.

For yay! stuff, the OB has agreed that we can pursue VBAC even with the ongoing glucose processing stuff -- it's very minor.  She has also agreed that we can, if everything looks right on, go up to a week after the due date to give Ari a solid chance to go into natural labor.  (If you have to be induced, you can't do VBAC.)  Even more yay, since Ari and the Thunderbolt's numbers have been looking good.

We're slowly getting stuff done for the house.  The car seat arrived today and we also got some clothes.  I have plans for this next weekend to sit down and do some honest-to-goodness painting of his room.  We're also looking at bassinets and dressers so we can have something to use for the baby stuff.  He's got some shelves in his room but I expect those will be for more immediate supplies.

In case you are interested, we have a Baby Registry on Amazon.com:


We've mostly put small stuff on there, in case you feel so inclined.  Please do not feel obligated, but since it's been asked, it has now been linked.  Thanks.

I'm really happy with how things are going.  Also, this past Saturday (September 17th) was Ari and I's anniversary of officially dating.  This past year has been somewhat (okay, a little more than somewhat) crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Life has gone very differently than anticipated, but it feels so right.  It's hard to explain.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.  Update dispatched!


Jun. 28th, 2011 11:36 am
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As is the custom on such occasions:

Today Ari and I had the 19 week ultrasound wherein they looked at all of the components of the Thunderbolt to determine if they all appeared to be present and accounted for. While we won't know the answer to that for a few days (the doctor reviews it offline), we do know one answer!

Two arms, check.

Two legs, yup.

Head, present.

Heart, beating.

Brain, apparently has two halves.

Spine, delightfully curved.

Penis, attached.

Oh yeah -- it's a boy! Now, to think about names... I don't know if I want to spoil the surprise by announcing the names we're considering, but we've had a list for months now and we started narrowing it down further while sitting at the breakfast table today.



May. 20th, 2011 01:30 pm
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i won't lie to you, 'bolt, being a parent sounds like a really tough job. i've watched your mom do it for a while now with your brother and it looks pretty hard. i'm kind of afraid of it.

but i've been thinking about it. thinking a lot, actually. and i've decided the thing to do is just to break it down and make it simple. that's what i do with tough jobs at work and it makes things easier.

so, i'm writing this to you. i love you.

my job as a parent:

scratch that. my PROMISE as a parent:

my promise is to make sure you feel wanted, needed, and beautiful.

my promise is to make sure you always have a home, and that you always feel like you can come back to it. no matter what has happened.

my promise is to make you feel safe and trusted, to allow you room to express yourself, to argue with me, and to accept that i am often wrong.

my promise is to encourage your curiosity. the world is an amazing place, and i want you to love living in it.

my promise is to provide you space that is yours, that you control, that you can escape to.

my promise is to be proud of you. whoever you are.

my promise is to love you.

i can do that. i will do that. i promise.
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Ari has posted an entry with more details about the upcoming baby thing:


Also, I had a filter I've been using since we found out. I've now opened up those posts so they are viewable to anybody on my access list. You can see them here under the 'baby' tag:

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It is Mother's Day. This day has always been, to me, about my mom ([personal profile] nd_mom) and about mothers that I know like [personal profile] kareila, [personal profile] phoenixsong, [personal profile] dmsj, [personal profile] carrie, [personal profile] arie, Sara, etc etc. Having a child and carrying on the species has always seemed like a rather lofty occupation, one that I hoped to one day be a part of.

Well ...

I don't have to hope any more, because it's become real. Ari ([personal profile] aposiopetic) and I would like to announce that we are expecting. I cannot tell you how excited I am -- it doesn't really feel quantifiable. (Neither do all the rest of the emotions -- there are a lot!)

Since most of you will ask: the "due date" is just before Thanksgiving. She is currently 11.5 weeks along, so we don't know the gender yet. (But we will probably choose to find out.) Yes, we've started making lists of names. And strollers. And cribs. And many other things. (We like planning.) There are many books, we've been reading.

We've had one OB appointment so far, and everything looks great. We've even got a little ultrasound picture, if you want to click here! (At 8 weeks, I have to say, it didn't look a lot like anything. The doctor assured me it's a baby and not a raspberry or something.)

There isn't much else to say at this point. I'm super excited -- and oh crap, there's a lot of planning and stuff to do.

So ...

Happy Mother's Day, Ari. I have never been able to say that to someone like this -- and I'm so glad I can say that to you.


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