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Conferences are really good for my productivity -- when I'm trying to avoid the throngs of people, I find a quiet corner and do some coding.

This week's conference (the Web 2.0 Expo) has directly led to the creation of a rudimentary "Media" system for Dreamwidth, and the ability to email in photos and have them be uploaded and posted. I present for your consideration the first true "photo post":


So flattering. Thanks, Denise! ;-)

There are still some things to be done -- notably, an admin page so you can change the security on your images -- but once that's done I'll get it committed.
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I'm at the Web 2.0 Expo for most of this week. I've gone to a bunch of talks today, most of that's detailed in my @xb95 Twitter feed. Also, I just had my bluetooth keyboard lock up... couldn't even shut off caps lock, wtf?

Anyway, had to get up early this morning (6:30 AM) after going to bed late, so I'm fairly tired. But I haven't yet started sleeping in any talk -- they've all been interesting enough, and the iPad gives me something to focus on in short bursts to keep myself from zoning into one thing and then passing out.

The conference is not nearly as technical as I was expecting. While I didn't expect there to be a lot of tech content, I did expect the development track to have technical stuff. Instead, the talks are very high level and more thoughtful. The "Scaling Twitter" talk briefly went over things they use, but didn't spend much time actually talking about anything I didn't already know. Guess that's good.

One more talk today, then the end-of-day keynotes. (Interesting time for them.)


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