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I've been a credit card customer with US Bank for many years now: 7 or 8? It's been a really long time.

Anyway, recently (~6 months ago?), I signed up for automatic payments on their web site. But the web site is pretty terrible, and I didn't realize that it wouldn't actually "enable" to pay my currently due bill. (I setup automatic payments a few days before my due date, but I'm told it was too close to the due date, so they couldn't process it automatically?)

Because of that I ended up missing the payment and as a result they cut my credit line down to my current usage level ($2,000). It was pretty surprising to me, as I had been paying mostly on time for years and the card was down at about 50% of the credit line. (I believe that keeping cards half-used is better than not-used in terms of establishing credit.)

Anyway, after they cut my credit line, it looks like it's 95% used. Which is pretty annoying and negative on the credit report. I've been fighting with their customer service for months now, trying to get them to resolve the situation in a way that I feel is right. It turns out they won't do anything at all about it.

In my world, when you run a business you should be cognizant of the shortcomings of your systems and account for them when your customers run into problems. In this case, yes, it is my personal responsibility to make sure each bill is paid on time. But when I go through the trouble of setting up an automatic payment on your web site, if that is not going to automatically pay my bills I expect flashing billboards and sirens telling me that. Not - a month later - "you're screwed and SOL now, boy!"

FWIW, I pushed this all the way to their so-called "Office of the President" and had a bunch of emails back and forth with some "Tess M." who has now ended their last correspondence to me with this:

U.S. Bank appropriately addressed your concerns in our previous response. While our goal is to deliver prompt, accurate and courteous service to our customers, we make no representation that every customer will be satisfied with the resolution of a question or concern. We do regret that the outcome of this matter does not meet your approval; however, U.S. Bank is unable to offer any additional response. Thus, any further correspondence from you regarding this matter will be appropriately reviewed and filed, but will not elicit a response from our Office.

Which is basically a very polite, but very firm, FOAD. Kind of funny and terrible at the same time.

Oh well. I suppose terrible customer service is to be expected from large companies nowadays. I'm sure everyone reading this has their own terrible bank story, and mine is just one more on the pile. What is it about the industry that makes them so difficult to work with, so bad at actually being useful to customers? Is it intentional?
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Here, read this:

Source: http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/07/oscon-standing-out-in-the-crow.html#comment-2069075

This man is Randal L. Schwartz, General Manager of Stonehenge Consulting, Inc., a fairly well known software (Perl/Smalltalk) consulting and education firm. They've been around for many years, certainly as long as I can remember. And while certain aspects of Randal's reputation have preceded him, I've never seen him so blatantly display them.

It's really sad to see that Randal has decided that equality is not something worth fighting for, that he doesn't care about doing what's right, that he's only in it for the money. When you think about it, it's surprising to realize that he feels his business cannot stand on its own merits, that he has to resort to the shrewd objectification of women to stand out of the crowd.

Disappointing, really.

At any rate, I don't think that there's anything anybody can say to Randal that will be heard. On the other hand, the Linux Fund could stand to receive a few emails about the way Randal is representing them.

I've just sent this email to general@linuxfund.org ...


I do not believe it's appropriate for Randal Schwartz to be making commentary like this with your organization's name attached:


The Open Source movement should be about including people, not excluding them, and the Linux Fund should hold up to those principles. Not pay people like Randal to disrespect and marginalize valuable contributors.

Thank you.

If you have a few minutes and care about equality in the world of open source, I would encourage you to do the same.


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