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First up: Happy Mother's Day to all those out there of the Mother persuasion. And my own mom, who apparently is reading this journal! (Hi Mom! I sent you two invite codes, you should have them in your hotmail account.)


This weekend went by pretty fast. I'm sure that's going to keep happening. I'm not even really sure what I did yesterday. I know that I went to dinner with Janine to Black Angus and had some nice steak. Oh yeah! Janine just reminded me what I spent the day doing: working on Dreamwidth to get our monthly spend down to a useful level, instead of the Open Beta high level it was at. Right, that sucked my brain.

Today we spent a lot of time on wedding and family stuff, as it is Mother's Day. A few hours in the early afternoon putting together plans for the reception, music choices for the ceremony, and a number of other things that we need to figure out. I still have a few things on my list that I have to look at, I'll get to them this week.

After that, we went up to the city to have dinner with Janine's family (Mom, Sister and Husband and Baby, and Uncle). It was at some Italian place in North Beach. Expensive ($240 for six of us) but the food was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of really fancy Italian food (it's ... pasta, seriously) but it was alright.

Somewhere in here I spent a little while on the phone with my mom. That was nice -- I really like talking to her, but that always conflicts with me being busy and not liking talking on the phone in general. I should talk to her more, I know.

Upon coming home and taking care of some random things around the house, we tried to catch up on some TV. Two episodes of House and one of Lost and we still have a bunch of Dollhouse and Lost on the list. And of course, tomorrow being Monday brings us more TV. Augh! I've fallen so behind because of the Dreamwidth stuff. Le sigh.

And now for something completely different.

This coming week I will be on call again for my day job, with the added excitement of two full 24 hour shifts because the remote office that normally does the overnight shift will be doing their yearly offsite. It should be fine, typically the night shifts are the quietest, but ... still.

Then once that week (+ weekend) is over, it's wedding time! Oh man. I'm pretty excited, nervous as hell, etc.

I still need to write my vows.

And finish a few honeymoon plans.

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Each night I go to bed is one night closer to April 30th.

I must confess, I'll be glad when this mystical date has come and gone. No matter what happens. Of course, I am a bit scared of it. I suppose all papas feel that way when their baby is about to come due.

I rambled on a lot more here, but then I deleted it. My mind is in too much turmoil right now to really have any coherent thoughts.


Work was fun today. I had a page that required me to take action, and then spend an hour investigating. I had to contact another team to get some information, and in the end, came up with a good picture of what happened. My tech lead complimented me on handling it well.


I need to spend more time snuggling Janine. I've been thinking that a lot lately. There's so much going on, balancing is hard. She understands this, though.

I'm also really extremely proud of her. It's been a long three and a half months, but she was extended a verbal job offer today and basically accepted. She won't start until after we get back from Baltimore, but I'm really, really happy that she has found something she likes.


Bed nao.
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The questions are starting to float around about "how do I get a Dreamwidth account already!" Well, there's a few answers. [personal profile] zvi has broken down all of the options into a very informative post:


Yeah, I link to her a lot. She's on top of things and very informative. Please read her posts if you are curious as to what is going on in the closed beta, how to get an account, etc.


Work has literally flown by today. Janine's on her way over so we can hang out for a few minutes before she heads off to class tonight. That'll be neat. I like hanging out with her. I admit that I am probably a bit biased here, but I do think she's the probably the smartest, prettiest, and most awesome woman in the world. :)

Oop, back to work! And tonight: hopefully I can get some coding in! (Okay, so I might be doing some more patch reviews and neglecting my own coding... gah! The perils of having so many awesome people doing development work...)
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Janine is home, yaaaaay, Janine is home!

Okay, gotta run. I'm really excited to have her home!
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I'm still dealing with a constant headache (even with the Ibuprofen), lack of desire for food, and generally being sick.  Janine says it sounds like the flu, I'm hoping it's not, but don't really care.  I've called off work for tomorrow (ahh! hate doing that!) so I can try to not spread anything at the office (and not foil my recovery process).

Janine is gone for the next few days.  This is a sad thing.  When I went to sleep the other night when she stayed up in the city, it was a strange feeling of being alone.  That's going to persist over the next few days, which will be sad.  Of course, she's away for a good reason.  I will make do.  (And spend a lot of quality time with the dog, of course!)

Overall, today I slept a lot and didn't really do much.  Then I watched a lot of Stargate SG-1 episodes.  This evening I found a bit of energy and worked on the comment importing functionality.  Which seems to work now - at least, you can go back and read comments on this journal.  All the content from my LJ has now been imported over here.

Next step: mass deletion of my content on LJ.  (Well, maybe not deletion - but replacing it with links to the same content, but on DW... that will be fine by me!)
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I always joked about it, but I never actually wanted it to happen...

Janine was laid off today, along with a number of other employees in the SF office of LJ, Inc. She has the rest of the week to work and then she's done. They are giving her no severance package and gave her no advance warning of the layoffs. It's rather atrocious.

The first thought I had, and Janine's as well, was: our wedding is only a few months away, between that and our honeymoon, how much are we going to have to cut out? We'll make it work, sure, but still.


Slight change of topic: Dreamwidth.

In the past few months I haven't felt a strong need for an alternative to LJ. SUP was a mystical entity in far-off Russia that didn't seem to cause any problems that I could see. Tupshin as an engineering manager was doing a great job and was active in the open source end of things, which was great. So Dreamwidth fell to a back burner and slowly simmered.

Today, upon finding out that SUP has decided to smash that... well, it puts a renewed emphasis on Dreamwidth. A really strong emphasis.

What exactly does this mean for DW? Let's find out!


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