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Mar. 19th, 2010 02:43 pm
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Today I went to see the Allstate agent to get my car looked at. He estimates approximately $1,200 worth of damage to the car. The breakdown is:

* Replace missing headlight accessory (plastic piece)
* Bend, buff, and repaint bumper
* Replace dampener/absorber (foam piece underneath that's one-use)
* Check car for frame alignment and straighten if necessary

I think there was one or two other small things that I have forgotten, but those are the major ones. The guy was really nice, I felt like I was in good hands. ;-)

On my way home I stopped by the local Sonic (it's new and shiny!) to get a slush. I picked up one for Nicole too, and as my order was getting delivered, the car next to me backed out and ripped their mirror off on the ordering box. They were laughing pretty hard about it, which was amusing, but the carhop was pretty "zomg!" and ran over there. (Well, not ran -- they're on roller skates -- so I suppose she rolled over.)

Now it's nearly 3PM on a Friday, I have a few hours of coding to do before the LARP tonight. Huzzah! Let's see if tonight goes as smashingly as I expect -- I won't write anything now, because one or two of the players read this and I don't want to spoil any surprises until they actually work out.


Mar. 19th, 2010 01:08 am
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I think I've mentioned before that I'm part of a Friday night LARP -- live action roleplaying game. It's the kind of thing where a bunch of us get together and have a good time building a story and playing a game. The fact that it happens to be a bunch of people who don't mind getting dressed up and doing it in the middle of downtown Mountain View where everybody can see it doesn't really change things much. ;-)

Anyway, the game is going well. My character is starting to develop in interesting ways, doing some fascinating things. I keep thinking that he's going to get killed off -- and actually, I sort of intended for that to happen when I made him. He's an experimental "get to know the game and rules" character that I didn't put much time into creating and he's turned out to be a lot of fun.

He's a Malkavian and his curse is Paranoia. Of course, he didn't know that was his curse until a good three months into playing him. It was rough going for a while because he'd constantly be triggered and start sabotaging his interactions with people, getting in trouble for basically stalking or investigating someone, and causing problems. It turned out eventually that he learned what his curse was when one of the other Malks, someone who was actually a psychiatrist before she was embraced, gave him some parting words of wisdom. (Tom sacrificed that relationship in brilliant fireworks due to his paranoia and some actions the woman in question took...)

There's so damn much to the game though. I can't really even describe how awesome it is, how crazy every Friday night is, and how bad I feel if I even miss one night. Yeah, yeah, that's life. It's just so interesting and entertaining, though -- so many plots, subplots, and even tinier little itty bitty things that sometimes go somewhere, sometimes don't. Oh man.

Anyway, apparently there's an opening for a Storyteller (one of the game masters). I put in an application even though I'm one of the newer players. Doesn't hurt to try, and I think it'd be a lot of fun!


Next subject, today has been pretty productive as far as Dreamwidth goes. I got our Google Summer of Code organization profile created, got [personal profile] fu ready to mentor, yelled at someone on IRC for using gay as a perjorative (not Dreamwidth IRC), and have been pounding out some code for credit card processing. Making great progress, too!

Oh yeah, and we watched Repo! The Genetic Opera and the American Idol results show for this week. The former was really entertaining and I'm still pondering it. I definitely enjoyed it though, and I really liked the voice of Alexa Vega -- but I can't really find anything she's done except be in shows... hrm.


Okay, nearly bedtime. Going to finish a little bit more of the code I am working on and then go crash.


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