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The other day Janine came home with a bag of wooden snakes.  They're pretty cool.  Now I have one on my desk at home, one at work, one upstairs in the bedroom, and hmmm, I think I need to put the fourth in the kitchen or something so that people can see it and play with it (or ignore it, as I think I'm most amused by them).

Work's good.  Keeping me busy.  It's pretty crazy the kind of systems we have, and how they all fit together.  I go home each day feeling like I was challenged and had to work pretty hard to keep myself on top of what I'm doing.  I like a challenge, and am overall happy with my choice to come here.  Pros and cons, of course, but overall it's the right choice for me.

Other than work, I've spent most of my free time on Dreamwidth.  I'm sure you wouldn't have guessed that, really.  There's so much potential for this site, and so much that we're actually making happen.  The people behind this project rock.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you that.  This is probably the most exciting thing I have ever worked on.  (Bold claim, I know.) 

In gaming news, I've cancelled my Warcraft accounts and some of my EVE accounts to save money and because I haven't been using them.  When I say that Work and DW have kept me busy, I'm not exaggerating.  I've been pretty much busy 24/7 for months now.

The wedding is coming along, too.  Invitations have been sent out and other bits and pieces are starting to come together.  Little by little, things will fall into place.  I have faith!  Still haven't figured out what to do with the honeymoon, or if we are going to have one immediately or not.  (Kind of hard to plan for something like that when Janine's out of work and looks to be staying that way.)

Hmmm... what else to update on... not sure.  Stuff, life.  Staying pretty busy.  Sadly getting out of the posting habit since I stopped posting on LJ.  But hopefully now that DW is getting usable I can resume my posting.  Mwa ha ha!11


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