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I've just learned that LiveJournal is actively rewriting affiliate links. These are the links that allow you to get credit when someone, for example, buys a book on Amazon.com that you recommended to them. I have no idea how popular these are, but the idea of affiliate linking is a mainstay of blogging. That's how many bloggers make their money: they review things, promoting what they think is good, and through affiliate links they can get paid for their time and effort.

It seems that LiveJournal is now rewriting affiliate links so that you can't do this anymore. Worse than that, it's not just "you can't do this" it's "we're going to use our own affiliate account" so the money goes to -- well, I'm not actually sure it goes to LJ, but it's going to someone.

More information is available on [livejournal.com profile] shatterstripes:


This is, let me say, yet another indication of the terrible lengths to which LJ et al are going to secure more revenue. Are they really in that bad of shape as to need to do this sort of thing? Has this been announced anywhere? I couldn't find it (I still read LJ News and such).
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LiveJournal is removing the ability to decline to specify your gender. You will now be forced (as of the next release) to specify male or female.

More information: http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/366609.html and http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/366938.html

Wish I could say I'm terribly surprised, but I'm not. I choose to use Dreamwidth, because we actually give a damn about people.

Edit: LiveJournal has rolled back the change, this will not be going out in the next push.
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[livejournal.com profile] coffeechica posted an entry about the current state of LiveJournal support:


I admit it: I teared up, I had no idea things had gotten that way. I started in LJ support way back in late 2001 (even before Denise did -- I'm always proud of that, for some reason), and I spent many years active there. Over half a decade -- many of my current friends I would have never met if it weren't for being there!

At this point, they are one of the last remaining good parts about LiveJournal. Full stop. My employment overlapped with Carrie, Mark and Arie and I really got to see up close the work they do, how much they fucking care about the community, about the site. (Marta and Snark do as well, I see/hear, although I'm not as close to what they have done.)

It makes me sad, it really does, to see things like this. No matter how much I may despise SUP for what they have done, and how much I hate what Six Apart did to LiveJournal, I believe in the LJ support staff and volunteers. If you're looking for a good way to spend some time helping people out, you would do well to end up over there pitching in. They're good people.
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I finally pulled the trigger on [livejournal.com profile] xb95. The profile is wiped, the journal made private (and soon to have all of the entries deleted when I get time to write a script to do it), and everybody defriended. It feels strangely liberating, although I feel like I've just hacked off something that was a huge part of my life for most of the past decade.

A lot of people seem to be having drama on LJ, about Dreamwidth, and it makes me sad. Honestly now. I don't really care if people move to DW. I'd obviously love for people to come over here and move in. I'm biased, this is the place I've poured most of the last year of my life (and ALL of the last four months) into. I think that we've got a super kickass site with an amazing team making it even more awesome by the day.

But? I don't care if you use LJ! Use it! Stay! But if you want to use DW? It's here for you! No matter who you are or where you come in from. I am totally fine with people continuing to live out their lives on LJ, or people living on both, or more. It's fine, really. Do what you want, people, seriously!

The other thing that I find interesting is some of the noise about the importer and LJ passwords and stuff like that. If you think back and remember the time I worked for LJ, I had database access (including everybody's passwords!) for years. I didn't do anything untoward then and I'm sure as heck not going to now, either. Ponder that, if you must.

I know that it will die down eventually... just gotta ride it out, and make sure that Dreamwidth keeps on doing what Dreamwidth does. The people who have signed up in the past week have voted with their wallets, and we're not going anywhere, not for this year at least. We'll see how the rest goes.

Oh yeah, and get married. I've gotta work on that.

Bye for now!
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I always joked about it, but I never actually wanted it to happen...

Janine was laid off today, along with a number of other employees in the SF office of LJ, Inc. She has the rest of the week to work and then she's done. They are giving her no severance package and gave her no advance warning of the layoffs. It's rather atrocious.

The first thought I had, and Janine's as well, was: our wedding is only a few months away, between that and our honeymoon, how much are we going to have to cut out? We'll make it work, sure, but still.


Slight change of topic: Dreamwidth.

In the past few months I haven't felt a strong need for an alternative to LJ. SUP was a mystical entity in far-off Russia that didn't seem to cause any problems that I could see. Tupshin as an engineering manager was doing a great job and was active in the open source end of things, which was great. So Dreamwidth fell to a back burner and slowly simmered.

Today, upon finding out that SUP has decided to smash that... well, it puts a renewed emphasis on Dreamwidth. A really strong emphasis.

What exactly does this mean for DW? Let's find out!


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