May. 20th, 2011 01:30 pm
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i won't lie to you, 'bolt, being a parent sounds like a really tough job. i've watched your mom do it for a while now with your brother and it looks pretty hard. i'm kind of afraid of it.

but i've been thinking about it. thinking a lot, actually. and i've decided the thing to do is just to break it down and make it simple. that's what i do with tough jobs at work and it makes things easier.

so, i'm writing this to you. i love you.

my job as a parent:

scratch that. my PROMISE as a parent:

my promise is to make sure you feel wanted, needed, and beautiful.

my promise is to make sure you always have a home, and that you always feel like you can come back to it. no matter what has happened.

my promise is to make you feel safe and trusted, to allow you room to express yourself, to argue with me, and to accept that i am often wrong.

my promise is to encourage your curiosity. the world is an amazing place, and i want you to love living in it.

my promise is to provide you space that is yours, that you control, that you can escape to.

my promise is to be proud of you. whoever you are.

my promise is to love you.

i can do that. i will do that. i promise.


zorkian: Icon full of binary ones and zeros in no pattern. (Default)
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