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Dear body,

I would like to stop coughing so hard I get dizzy. Also, I'd like my head to stop pounding. If you could find a way to accommodate me, I'd be so appreciative.

Your Brain
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Yes, I'm still coughing. Days later. It hasn't changed any in days -- my right ear is half stuffy (but not all the way, and it pops frequently enough) and I'm coughing. Oh well, I feel mostly well enough to be doing things, so I've started resuming my life.

Today I made it to the local Games Workshop for the first time in a week and a half. I walked in and Dan, one of the two employees, walked up to me and (jokingly) said "Hi, I'm Dan, I don't believe you've ever been in our store before..." It was great.

I worked on my Tau some more, and then played a short game against Ryan (one of the regulars). He was playing Space Wolves and he took me down pretty well. I would have done better had I not charged his squad with my Kroot. Turns out his higher initiative put the hurt on, and my entire squad died. Oh well. The Fire Warriors followed the next round when he charged them.

In other news, did a bunch of Dreamwidth work last night. Did more today, wrote a patch (myself, I coded!), email (answering questions for a potential article), hanging out on IRC, etc. Light day.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and thus begins the holiday season. I still don't like the holidays, so if I seem a little grumpier than usual (or a lot more so), that's why. Going to be flying out to North Dakota for Christmas, which should be fun. New Year's back here in California, probably celebrating a new nephew or niece (if the kid has the decency to be on time).

Don't ask me about NaNoWriMo. Hamthrax. Surprise visits from people. Thanksgiving.

That's about my life in a nutshell.
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Still sick. I've progressed to a rather constant cough, continuing runny nose/stuffy sinuses, and stuffed up ears. This is pretty close to a common cold, though, so it's possible that it IS just a cold and tacked on after the original sickness from a run down immune system.

Either way, it's annoying and it's been sapping my energy, but it's not the end of the world. I've been trying to avoid taking any medication, but I take NyQuil if I am having trouble falling asleep.

Hoping to have this cleared up before Thanksgiving...

Oh yeah, and for those of you who might have been looking for me the past week: sorry. Got eaten. I'll be back online tomorrow (Monday) and catching up on Dreamwidth and stuff. (Even if I'm still sick...I'm better enough that I can stand to be at the computer for more than a half hour, so.)

Bye for now.


Nov. 18th, 2009 06:55 pm
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The past few days I've been the sickest I have been in many years. I spent nearly the entirety of Monday and Tuesday curled up in bed, unable to really do anything. I read some books (HP5, HP6, HP7) and slept.

We believe (based on flu trends from the CDC and symptoms) that I was the lucky recipient of the Swine Flu (H1N1). Given I did not seek treatment or a diagnosis, this is potentially wrong, but it seems correct. The CDC tracks reported cases of flu and 99% of them right now are H1N1 -- the seasonal flu hasn't really started yet.

Cut for discussion of sick. )


Nov. 16th, 2009 07:12 pm
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Somehow I got myself sick. Or someone got me sick. I don't know and suppose that it doesn't particularly matter where the bug came from, only that it's here and has taken up residence in the front of my head and the back of my throat.

I have been coughing a lot, enjoying a healthy dose of post-nasal drip, not very hungry, sleeping poorly last night, and loving every paroxysm of sudden exhalation induced moment of frontal lobe pain and vision blurring. It's really a great time.

If you need me, I'm over here attempting to recover in bed, reading my way through Harry Potter books and generally wishing I was doing something more interesting.
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I'm still dealing with a constant headache (even with the Ibuprofen), lack of desire for food, and generally being sick.  Janine says it sounds like the flu, I'm hoping it's not, but don't really care.  I've called off work for tomorrow (ahh! hate doing that!) so I can try to not spread anything at the office (and not foil my recovery process).

Janine is gone for the next few days.  This is a sad thing.  When I went to sleep the other night when she stayed up in the city, it was a strange feeling of being alone.  That's going to persist over the next few days, which will be sad.  Of course, she's away for a good reason.  I will make do.  (And spend a lot of quality time with the dog, of course!)

Overall, today I slept a lot and didn't really do much.  Then I watched a lot of Stargate SG-1 episodes.  This evening I found a bit of energy and worked on the comment importing functionality.  Which seems to work now - at least, you can go back and read comments on this journal.  All the content from my LJ has now been imported over here.

Next step: mass deletion of my content on LJ.  (Well, maybe not deletion - but replacing it with links to the same content, but on DW... that will be fine by me!)
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Typically I cannot remember the last time I was sick.  It's a very, very rare occurrence.  Anyway, today it happened.  I felt sick.  Not just "meh I  have a headache" but serious bouts of hot/cold, stomach pain, nausea, and later a headache.  Bodily functions out of whack.

It was nearly 65 outside and I had to turn the heater on because - even after getting under the comforter and sheets - WITH my clothes on - I was still shivering.  A few hours later, I stripped everything off and opened the window because I was way, way hot.

Very strange.

On the plus side, tonight I managed to get the comment importer into a functional state for Dreamwidth.  Got that committed.  In the process it uncovered an interesting bug in the entry importer, though, and I'll have to spend some time pondering how to get around that.

But for now, trying to sleep.

Edited:  Oh yeah, 100.3 temperature!


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