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Today was a really productive day on many levels. Let's see...

Successfully attended violin lesson. Granted, since I didn't practice much this week it was kind of just a paid-for practice session. (As my instructor says: "Hey, if you want to pay me to practice with you, that's fine by me!") She spent a while going over what an A-minor scale is and how to play the harmonic and melodic versions of it. I'm happy to report most of that went over my head.

Upon getting home, we went to Subway and had lunch as a Housing Unit. (I.e., the four of us went.) We've been neglecting going out together lately and so it was good to go get some food and talk. (For those of you who don't know, Janine and I share a house with [personal profile] jproulx and [livejournal.com profile] iseebi.)

After lunch, Janine, Nicole, and myself went outside and spent two hours attacking the yard.  Janine mowed, I edged, and Nicole pulled weeds.  It was a lot of work but we managed to get the yard into some semi-reasonable state.  We also cut up the Christmas tree.  Yes, it is March.  Shut up.

I spent some time on Dreamwidth after we finished with the yard.  I've been working on the payment system.  My mind wandered a few times but I managed to stick with it and I'm starting to get things pulled together.  It's probably going to be at least two weeks of working every day to get it into a reasonable state, though, for what we need.

At some point I fired up EVE and checked in with what was going on.  Turns out there were some people invading our home system, so I offered some help defending.  Spent some time chatting with some friends and generally hanging out.  Didn't end up getting to shoot anybody though, oh well.  Maybe next time.  Too many cat and mouse station games make for a boring EVE...

Then I worked on DW more!

Janine wanted to watch Dollhouse, so we went upstairs and did so.

Now I'm here writing this post and working on DW a bit more before going to sleep.  Janine's already crashed and is asleep next to me.  Fudge at the foot of the bed.  Come to think of it, I'm a pretty lucky guy.  And that makes me want to sign off this entry in a way I used to but have long since abandoned...

Peace ya'll and snugglies to the one I love!


Mar. 8th, 2009 10:10 am
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Time to meander off to my violin lessons.  Today is one of those "I didn't practice much this week and I'd rather be coding" times, but if I start allowing myself not to go then I will get out of the habit and probably quit.  I don't want to quit at all, so I will continue to go, even if I have to preface the lesson with "this is this week's practice session!"

Oh well!
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Been a while since I've updated on my violin lessons, so here you go.

I've been going just about weekly now for some six months.  Progress started out really fast as I remembered things from the first time I took lessons (~15 years ago).  Eventually things started slowing down as I got into more complicated songs and surpassed my earlier knowledge.

At this point I've finished Book 1 of the Suzuki Method, although I still play the last song (Gavotte) because it's fun and challenging still.  On top of that, I have been learning music that the instructor gave me.  It's from various composers and not really part of any particular book, just some book on violin music.  Good stuff.

The songs are getting more complicated, that's for sure.  One song I'm on even has notes that are in different positions (which I don't know yet, so we transposed those notes down an octave).  I think I like the fast songs, although the current song I'm on is hard because there are slurs of 5 notes and slurs of 4 notes and my brain seems to refuse to slur the right number of notes.  Practice practice!

I discovered there is a "Music Making" group at work, too.  They're currently putting together a bit of music to play for St. Patrick's day coming up.  The dancing group is going to be doing some jigs (slides?) and the music group wants to play live music for them.  The music actually looks pretty straightforward - just fast, very very fast - but I wimped out and didn't volunteer.  I'll probably go watch them when they do it though.

Not much else to report right now.  I'm enjoying the lessons still and learning - slowly but surely.  On the plus side, I'm getting much better about being able to read the music.  I can look at most notes and play them on the violin, even if I can't tell you what the note is.  (Oh, this is three-fingers-on-the-A-string, ... oh, that's a D I guess.)


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