Dec. 16th, 2010 10:23 am
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I've been reading up on Cataclysm. It seems like they went back to how things were in BC (and the original) -- i.e., CC is required, you can't AoE everything, the game actually requires a little bit of skill to do random dungeons, etc...

Is this accurate?

I have some pretty fond memories of heroics being really hard and requiring more than just bashing into them to solve. Remember the timed mode in the Shattered Halls? Getting the Champion of the Naaru title was pretty tough, but nice to have once you got it.

Of course, I helped people do Karazhan attunement SO MUCH that my brain still hurts. The Shadow Labyrinth was kind of a rough place for a while, too, which didn't make it very fun.

Anyway. WoW is getting a little more exciting again?
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Tonight was almost literally a code implosion.  After I got home from work I took a brief nap, got some food (oatmeal + red bull, heh) and then got to work.  Spent the next four hours straight fixing bugs, implementing things, reviewing patches, and following it all up with a code push.  It's a great feeling to see a plan start to come together.

We're really hoping to double the number of people in closed beta this weekend.  We're waiting on the S2 team at the moment though, as we don't want to loose everybody on core1.  I'm pretty excited!

In other news...

Hmm, not sure what other news I have.  It's now the weekend.  I think [personal profile] nova is planning on coming up tomorrow to work on Dreamwidth.  But that's not "other news" -- that's more of the same!  I guess I'm sort of a broken record lately.  I do really feel that my life only consists of three things right now:
  • work
  • dreamwidth
  • wedding
And to be fair, I'm not doing tons of wedding stuff right now.  I've cancelled my Warcraft accounts, my EVE accounts lie half-cancelled and totally-languishing.  I've not played any games in months.  I've been Mr Focused and Driven.

Driven like a crazy man.

At the one-on-one with my boss this past week, he gave me pretty good feedback.  Says I'm doing really well and he's very happy (and somewhat impressed) at my ramping-up speed.  Today, my tech lead said that he thinks I will be ready for an on-call shift before the traditional six month waiting period - but I don't think I'm going to volunteer quite yet.  ;-)

Time to sleep.


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