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This is ridiculous. Fix this, Connecticut. If you have any shred of human decency, you will right this.


Jun. 4th, 2010 05:17 pm
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Janine and I are back from DogTrot, one of the properties owned by Sheep Dung. It was a very relaxing, nice week. More details will come later (probably), but I'm still trying to catch up on email and everything that's transpired this week. Eep!

Anyway, just now: Janine was pulling off of her camera some videos she took from the Muse concert back in April.

[17:14] JanineDoggie: Do you want all of the videos I took at Muse or just Knights of Sedonia or whatever it's called?
[17:15] Mark Smith: Knights of Cydonia. mmmmmm. I want to see them all!
[17:15] Mark Smith: but you don't have to put them on failbook, you can just send them to me if you want
[17:15] JanineDoggie: Okay, I'll see if they fit in email I guess
[17:15] JanineDoggie: Or use yousendit or something
[17:16] Mark Smith: or upload to my server
[17:16] Mark Smith: or
[17:16] Mark Smith: wtf janine
[17:16] Mark Smith: why upload them to the internet to give them to me
[17:16] Mark Smith: put them on a usb stick o_O
[17:17] JanineDoggie: lolz

We win. :(
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LiveJournal is removing the ability to decline to specify your gender. You will now be forced (as of the next release) to specify male or female.

More information: http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/366609.html and http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/366938.html

Wish I could say I'm terribly surprised, but I'm not. I choose to use Dreamwidth, because we actually give a damn about people.

Edit: LiveJournal has rolled back the change, this will not be going out in the next push.
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I should probably try to be better about chronicling the day to day adventures of my life...

...well, truth be told, life isn't that adventurous on a day by day basis. It's in aggregate that patterns start to emerge and analysis becomes interesting. But that aggregated time takes a while to accumulate, at which point people probably start wondering if I've kicked it. (Non-essential bus!)

Today I had a funny thing happen. I got into work, and my desk phone has a voicemail light on. Apparently someone called and left me a message, hurrah! So I pressed the Voicemail button and was greeted by a gruff voice demanding my extension and PIN. I know neither. I figured out my extension and tried a few of my standard PINs, but no luck.

I checked around on the company intranet to try to find information on configuring the voicemail system. Ah-hah! I found a web page that purports to configure your voicemail. I followed the steps, entered my PIN, and confirmed everything. Submitted the form. This set off a chain of events that I still don't quite follow:

a) My New Voicemail Account was provisioned.

b) My existing extension was moved to the New Voicemail System.

c) My phone was reprogrammed to use the New Voicemail System.

Okay, great. Now I can push the Voicemail button and get an entirely different voice (this one a more pleasant sounding guy) asking for my PIN. Then telling me that I have no messages. I stare at the light on my phone, still happily burning and telling me that, in fact, I do have a voicemail.

As best I can determine the voicemail I still have not heard is on the Old Voicemail System, and by filling out that web page I found, I am now part of the New Order of Voicemail, For Great Glory of Telephony, Yay. But with no apparent access to my old message.

Sometimes you can't win. Really.

wife get !

May. 26th, 2009 12:18 am
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Yes, it's true. I am now a married man. Wow, that's weird to type, it really is.

We're in Las Vegas still, for the night. Went to dinner with friends from LJ (the same group I proposed in front of last year, at the same restaurant), and now we're spending the night here. Have to get up early though so we can get on the road back to California.

The past few days have been an amazing whirlwind. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. And the next 88 years!
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I didn't sleep all that great last night. Woke up no less than half a dozen times for various reasons. Had to take an antacid pill at one point, then some ibuprofen, and then managed to sleep the last few hours relatively uninterrupted. But now it's nearly 10AM, and I'm up, and the day is going to slowly, but surely, start getting underway.

Today's date? May 24th, 2009.

I told Janine last night: in one year, we will be celebrating our anniversary. My way of saying "today's the day" I suppose. It sounded clever to me. But here we are, a year after things got set into motion, a year of planning, thinking, musing, stressing, and everything else that goes into making one of these things happen.

And now here we are. It's the day. Janine is getting ready to head out to the spa where she will be spending a few hours getting massaged, treated, made up, and generally being prepared. At that point I won't see her again until a little after 5PM today. At which point... well, you know what comes next.

My stomach won't really sit still. I don't want to call it nerves: it's not really the same thing. But it's something... something that makes my stomach feel like one of those trapeze acts. Suddenly it's up in the air flying around, then it lands and hangs out for a little while. Yeah, maybe that's not a very good explanation, I don't know.

It has been so good to have friends and family out. I've been trying to hang out with everybody as we go, and have really enjoyed catching up with people. I'll have to write more about that later.

I think I am going to be finished with this now and go off to do some other things... hmm... like get ready for the day.
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I always joked about it, but I never actually wanted it to happen...

Janine was laid off today, along with a number of other employees in the SF office of LJ, Inc. She has the rest of the week to work and then she's done. They are giving her no severance package and gave her no advance warning of the layoffs. It's rather atrocious.

The first thought I had, and Janine's as well, was: our wedding is only a few months away, between that and our honeymoon, how much are we going to have to cut out? We'll make it work, sure, but still.


Slight change of topic: Dreamwidth.

In the past few months I haven't felt a strong need for an alternative to LJ. SUP was a mystical entity in far-off Russia that didn't seem to cause any problems that I could see. Tupshin as an engineering manager was doing a great job and was active in the open source end of things, which was great. So Dreamwidth fell to a back burner and slowly simmered.

Today, upon finding out that SUP has decided to smash that... well, it puts a renewed emphasis on Dreamwidth. A really strong emphasis.

What exactly does this mean for DW? Let's find out!


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