Feb. 17th, 2012

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For the past ~7 months we've been living in this house, our monthly water bill was in the ~$100-$150 range. I always thought it was kind of high, but never really put much effort into it. Anyway, a month ago, we had an incident where something under the house kind of exploded and there was lots of water in the back yard and the foundation was kind of flooded, etc.

Anyway, the landlord sent someone out to look at it. So they did some stuff and the water went away. Yay!

This month, my water bill is $25. I dug out the numbers and looked at the graph and sure enough, the CCF used went from about 40 per month down to 4. That's... odd. I wondered if that made sense, so I looked up what a CCF is. I assumed it was a "cubic foot" and in that case, ~40 c.f. of water per month makes sense.

Nope, actually, a CCF is a hundred cubic feet of water. The conversion is 1 CCF = ~750 gallons. When we were using 40 CCF a month, we were using 30,000 gallons of water per month. That's a lot.

I think that whatever happened under the house was actually happening all along, for months and months. It just took until now before it finally bubbled up to the surface and brought itself to our attention.

This kind of blows my mind.


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