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Apr. 23rd, 2019 06:37 am
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Sticking the plaster back up using the 3M tab that tore it is a legitimate repair technique, right?

Peacock on the lawn

Apr. 22nd, 2019 09:18 pm
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I'm finding it increasingly difficult to post given how long it's been since I last posted publicly. I miss posting every day. It also doesn't help that we're on holiday in rural Norfolk where the internet speeds are generally terrible no matter what method you use, so even uploading one photo is a tooth-grindingly tedious affair. And since I'm on holiday, the weather is good, and I brought my dSLR and favourite lenses, I'm taking a looooot of photos. Therefore, I'm going to cheat and post the same photo I posted to a community, because it took so flippin' long to get it on Flickr.

Peacock on the lawn
The warm weather has seen the overwintering imagos emerge from their hiding places. Keiki and Humuhumu found this peacock (butterfly) on the lawn, soaking up the sun and sipping from the daisies. We also found a tatty comma and a bright brimstone. There are a great many freshly hatched cabbage whites, orange tips and holly blues battling feistily over the burdock flowers.

I was pleased to hear the distinctive call of a cuckoo, which was a comfort given that their numbers have been declining for many years, though we haven't managed to spot it yet.

Peacock on the lawn

Apr. 22nd, 2019 09:13 pm
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Peacock on the lawn
Am visiting Norfolk (UK) this weekend, and the glorious weather has brought out the butterflies. We found this peacock on the lawn; given its somewhat tattered condition, it's probably a freshly emerged overwintering imago.
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When I feel like "why in the world am I trying to put on an arts festival" I need to reread this piece.

week in review / week on horizon

Apr. 22nd, 2019 10:59 am
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We went to my mom's house on Easter, per tradition. Instead of hiding eggs in her yard, this year she decided to do an indoor hunt with eggs containing a sequence of clues, which the kids tore through in less than five minutes. It was pretty funny to watch. We also played the kids' favorite Looney Labs game, Just Desserts, followed by a version of Monopoly my mom had that was based on the Muppet Show. The cheapest property on the board was the Swinetrek, so I chanted "PIGS! IN! SPAAAACE!" every time someone landed on it. Unfortunately Connor got upset when he couldn't get the properties he wanted and started running low on funds, so we probably won't play it again any time soon. He's very happy with Yoshi's Crafted World, though, and I told him I'd play along with him on that sometime. Meanwhile Will spent the day replaying the original Picross game on the DS.

I saw Shazam on Friday with the usual suspects. It was goofy and heartwarming, apart from the scenes between the villain and his father, which were gratuitously dark. Not sure where it fits in with the rest of the DC Universe, though, since it takes place in Philadelphia and not a fictional place like Gotham or Metropolis or Atlantis. Not that I really care all that much, since I'm not emotionally invested like I am with the MCU. Speaking of which, I have my Endgame ticket for Friday night, since I couldn't go Thursday. Hopefully I will find time to rewatch Infinity War before then.

Tonight is the final rehearsal for the spring handbell program, with concerts on Thursday, Sunday, and the following Monday. I really like the songs we're doing and I'm looking forward to getting them in front of an audience. After that, I will spend Mondays in May rehearsing for Beethoven's Ninth, and some other night of the week rehearsing the handbell pieces for the regional festival in New Orleans in mid-June.

Dream; One Man Show

Apr. 22nd, 2019 06:39 am
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Dreamed I went to see a one man show starring Jesus. I don't remember anything about the show itself but before it started I remember for some reason Jesus needed to borrow my underwear before it started. It was basically dinner theater so before it started Jesus brought us in to sit in small groups at tables, and I was telling elaborate lies to the folks I was sitting with.

I sort of wish I remembered the performance itself. Afterwards when I went to see him in his office he returned my underwear and suggested a plot for Empty Sky that at the time seemed perfect for solving some problem but the suggestion was basically to have Robin locked in a magical hope chest that drained him to strengthen his doppelganger.

Upon waking I have no idea what problems that was meant to be a solution for, nor do I remember why Jesus needed my underwear.

Christ is risen!

Apr. 21st, 2019 05:20 pm
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Let no one grieve over sins; for forgiveness has dawned from the tomb. Let no one fear death; for the Death of our Saviour has set us free. He has destroyed it by enduring it. He despoiled Hades, when He descended thereto. He embittered it, having tasted of His flesh. Isaiah foretold this when he cried out: “You, O Hades, have been embittered by encountering him below.” It was embittered, / – for it was abolished. It was embittered, / – for it was mocked. It was embittered, / – for it was slain. It was embittered, / – for it was annihilated. It was embittered, / – for it is now made captive. It took a body, and, lo, it discovered God. It took earth and, behold! It encountered Heaven. It took what is saw, and was overcome by what it could not see. O death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory? Christ Is Risen, / and You are annihilated. Christ Is Risen, / and the demons have fallen. Christ Is Risen, / and the Angels rejoice. Christ Is Risen, / and life is liberated. Christ Is Risen, / and the tomb is emptied of dead; for Christ, having risen from the dead, has become the first fruits of those who fall asleep. To Him be the glory and the dominion to the Ages of Ages. Amen.

— the Paschal Catechetical Homily of St. John Chrystostom

The Randomiser: The Chase

Apr. 21st, 2019 07:04 pm
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It occurred to me, as I was watching this, that we have a surprising number of Dalek stories left to view. I went and counted and a full quarter of the remaining stories (including this one) are Dalek stories. I guess we'll see if they get spread out or cluster.

At any rate, when viewing The Daleks' Masterplan there was a certain amount of confusion about which Dalek-Chase-Story-Starring-Peter-Purves Tame layman had already seen. I thought it was probably this one. He remembered some of this (so I think I was correct) but he also got confused on several occasions while watching with the other Dalek-Chase-Story-Starring-Peter-Purves.

Famously (for a value of famously that means "among certain Doctor Who fans") Peter Purves, who has a comedy role in one episode of The Chase, so impressed the production team that they brought him back two weeks later to become a companion. I can only think that it was his personality not his performance that impressed them because Morton Dill (from Alabama) is really not a great performance, even if you forgive the fake American accent. Steven Taylor, on the other hand, is pretty watchable from the get go. It is a shame that after the first 5 minutes of the next story his toy panda mascot is never mentioned again, because we became quite attached to it.

The Chase does not have a great reputation and its easy to see why. The format, in which The Daleks pursue the Tardis through time and space encountering the crew in a variety of locations, feels like an attempt to get out of any kind of detailed plotting in favour of a few set pieces. The Daleks, while not as reduced to comedy villains as some fan commentary had led me to expect, are a bit on the comical (utilising several different chants the effect of which is not to make them seem more chilling) and useless side (getting beaten up by a robot Frankenstein at one point). However having gone into this with low expectations I found it perfectly watchable. I'm not as big a fan of Ian and Barbara as many people are, but I do like Vicki, who has a number of nice moments here and who's relationship with the first Doctor is charming and so I was quite happy to watch this Tardis team just having vaguely random short adventures in time and space. Some of the sequences were more forgettable than others but the chase format, while hackneyed, at least kept things moving along.

There is a sequence where the Daleks construct a robot version of the Doctor in order to "infiltrate and kill". We were very interested by the places in which the duplicate was played by William Hartnell and where he was played by Edmund Warwick. This was obviously not determined only by when both characters had to be in shot at the same time, so presumably also depended upon some of the almost "as live" production which meant Hartnell was somewhere else in the studio at that point.

The final two episodes introduce the Mechanoids who, allegedly, were at one point intended as a recurring monster. It was interesting to contrast them with The Daleks. They are clearly more unwieldy, seeming to move more awkwardly around the set. One of the paradoxes of the Daleks is that they work in spite of (or perhaps because of) the sink plunger. The Mechanoids had little arm like things that while less ridiculous in principle, looked a lot sillier in practice. Mostly the Mechanoids served to highlight the mysterious genius of the Dalek design - they did have a very pretty city though.

This is definitely not a story I would recommend trying to view in one sitting, but as a series of 25 minute episodes spread out over a period of time, it is surprisingly entertaining. You have to let it roll over you as slightly mindless entertainment, but it manages not to be dull, has its moments of charm, and is saved by its variety of setting and plot.

Random Doctor Who Logic Problem

Apr. 20th, 2019 05:46 pm
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A Doctor Who version of one of those grid based logic problems.  I don't really have the enthusiasm to transcribe the clues without knowing someone would really like a transcription, but please feel free to drop a comment if you would like them transcribed.

From Tides of Time Trinity 1991. Credited to Mark Dunn who, I'm fairly sure, won't mind me sharing.
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With the Australian Federal Election called some ten days ago I've been putting together a couple of paragraphs per day on the most news-worthy items. The governing LNP has had a very rocky start with various signs of political nepotism, corruption, and dumping four candidates; it's somewhat amazing that they can still scrape together c47.5%TPP under the circumstances. Meanwhile, drawing heavily upon my studies in public economics, I've published a piece on the Isocracy Network on The Idea Size of Governments, which will be followed up with a piece of voting methods and social choice theory (a recent discussion with the Proportional Representation Society suggests that they are currently insufficiently bold to get out of their demographic decline).

Livejournal has turned twenty! I first started making use of it a few years later, in 2003, as a means to stay in touch with people whilst I was in Timor-Leste. Apparently, I've made over a thousand posts in that time. Of course, like many people, various reasons (e.g., changes in policy) these days I typically cross-post to Livejournal via Dreamwidth. It's pretty much the same technology but I do wonder whether the forking will lead to the technological decline of the former over the latter (consider what has happened to OpenOffice vs LibreOffice, or even older, Mambo vs Joomla). Still, whatever the fate of LJ there can be no doubt of its extremely important role in social media technology, many features are still not replicated by Facebook, for example. Also, on-point, LJ continues to survive whilst others like Google Plus did not.

Apart from this, I've had my nose heavily in the books (virtual and literal) as I revise for my economics exams. Not just economics of course; some higher education study and my test to be a Software Carpentry instructor was held this week as well (I passed, natch). I've had a couple of social events, including a Megatraveller game on Thursday night, and Brendan E. and Dan T., visiting today (we were also supposed to have Asher Wolf as well - next time!). Work and social events mixed well this week with Dan and I having both breakfast and lunch on Lygon St with Ann B from the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, discussing the possibility of an HPC Educator's conference. Breakfast was French, lunch was Italian, and it does remind me of a gorgonzola-stuffed mushroom dish I made earlier this week; it called for breadcrumbs in the stuffing and it just so happened that a couple of days prior I had made a bread loaf with tomato and basil; You know what that would be like two days later as the flavours seep through. One day I'll do my "pauvre mais élégant" cookbook.

Changelog Digest for Fri, Apr 19

Apr. 19th, 2019 03:08 pm
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cbd35b8: Issue #2378: properly anchor header navlinks in Tectonic
Tweak CSS in Tectonic layout to prevent wandering navlinks.
096eefc: Issue #2376: more "Other Sites" upkeep: remove Delicious
Remove Delicious from 'Other Services' on profile. (RIP)
95c112e: Issue #2356: remove Yahoo Messenger from user profiles
Remove Yahoo Messenger from 'Other Services' on profile. (RIP)
6f8e3b2: Issue #2391: Don't stripped meta tag when 'use layout stylesheet' is unchecked
Don't remove the mobile viewport when unchecking 'use layout stylesheet' in settings.
f97ee3d: Issue #2412: don't re-invent version comparison
Use built-in version parser to compare module versions in

Salon post: April 19

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:13 am
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Welcome to this week's salon post!

Topic of the week
What's your favourite holiday? (Been thinking about this because of a thing I'll put in a comment.)

What I've been up to
A short work week, and a quiet one, and trying to line up ducks for various other projects (including a "Wow, my June is busy.")

Reminders and tips for making this post flow better )
House rules )


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